About us

Welcome to PAEONYA - the world of elegance and luxury flowers.


Paeonya delivers luxury flowers in London

Paeonya comes from a beautiful Greek myth, "Paeon" who was the physician to the gods who angered his teacher Asclepius after he extracted a milky liquid from the root of a peony that cured Pluto. Asclepius was the god of medicine and healing. He threatened to kill Paeon out of jealousy because he was outsmarting his teacher. Zeus saved him by turning him into a beautiful flower, the peony.

PAEONYA is so much more than a flower delivery service in London. Our family run business wants to revolutionise the flower-giving culture, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to every bouquet and arrangement that come out of our central London store.

We launched a new brand and created all the hatboxes, heart boxes, "I love you" boxes sold on our website, and we can create any size or any shape of box for you.

Our highly professional team of talented floral designers, with unparalleled skill, are sure to fuse any arrangement with love, appreciation, and care. Their creativity and ability to understand the specific needs of each of our clients for their lush arrangements is perhaps what sets our florists apart from the rest. The “PAEONYA” way calls for feelings, intuition, and special attention to detail when constructing a new box of flowers.

We offer hand delivery in London and surrounding area, just because we aim to provide the best service and we care about each flower.

Essentially, each arrangement in PAEONYA signature boxes becomes a reflection of one’s deep feelings and emotions — embodying a special message in itself.